| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

What hostages are you talking about?!

After cutting all lifelines off the Lebanese people, and only those from the Arab Gulf states remained, Hezbollah militia’s Nasrallah, is working hard to cut off the last breather until he eliminates what is left of the soul in the worn-out body, afflicted by him and his Iranian terrorist party.

The party and its leaders are no longer obliged to explain, justify, and claim that the majority of the Lebanese people support it.. Its role, background, agenda, and program, are a threat to Lebanon and the region, under an Iranian cloak. And when his rudness, through his last speech, reaches our expatriate people working in Saudi Arabia, and considering them hostages, you are sure that he is Lebanon’s number one enemy, trying to provoke the Kingdom and directly exposes it, as if he wants to drag the kingdom to escalate against Lebanon, as the international isolation did not satisfy his terrorist greed, so he reaches the last focus of hope, which pulls the Lebanese out of their daily tragedy.

Yes, great people of Lebanon, whether inside Lebanon or abroad, it is not important. There is a Persian agent who detained the entire people of Lebanon, and made them hostages for Iranian terrorist interests, and turned Lebanon from a destination for Arabs, tourists and investors, into a hotbed for militias and drug gangs. And he was not satisfied, so the greed of destroying thr Lebanese, led him even to those working abroad, and the most difficult question remains, what about the Lebanese who are used as human shields in the so-called liberation of Jerusalem, and what is the purpose of all these threats and intimidations?, isn’t it for the sake of Iran and its interests? “Sayyed”, for God’s sake, who are the hostages now?

If there are Lebanese who live dignifid and free, it is in the Arab Gulf states, Hassan, while the Lebanese inside Lebanon are hostages of Iran’s party, and they are losing their freedom, dignity, future and the future of their homeland.

The Lebanese in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf are not hostages, you hostage of Iran. Rather, they are citizens liberated from the hegemony of weapons and Iran’s militias in Lebanon, and they are honored in the Arab countries.

The one who is holding the Lebanese hostages in Saudi Arabia is you. You are the one who puts all the Lebanese at risk of being expelled from Saudi Arabia because of your speeches and your terrorist war against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and you are the one who is holding the Lebanese in Lebanon hostages. We tell you that the day of freedom and sovereignty will inevitably come, and truth will triumph over falsehood.

And finally, being hostages and prisoners in a state of glory, generosity and honor, is better than being traitors to Iran, spreading terrorism to the Arab borders to defile them. Execuse me Nasrallah, I am speaking on behalf of the majority of the Lebanese people and I address the international community and the Gulf states and say: We are hostages of the terrorist Hezbollah militia in Lebanon..Help us!