| 20 May 2024, Monday |

What will the President of the Republic say to the globe on September 24?

On September 14, the 76th ordinary session of the United Nations General Assembly will officially open in New York. Official speeches for Presidents of states, Kings or Prime Ministers will begin as usual on the third Tuesday of the current month which coincides on September 21 this year.

The United Nations originally called on countries and delegations to attend, unlike what happened last year, when participation was online due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

International diplomatic sourced revealed to Sawt Beirut International (SBI) that the United States have sent a letter to the United Nations requesting that the delegation’s participation shall be online rather than in-person. Lebanon has not yet decided whether the President of the Republic will participate remotely, or he will attend the session in-person. The date of Aoun’s speech has been set for September 24. Noting that in the event of attendance countries should minimize their delegations for reasons related to the Covid-19 virus and the financial burdens. This applies to the reasons for not deciding the way of participation for Lebanon.

It turns out that not all countries will participate in attendance. This trend will limit the meetings that are usually held on the sidelines of the Assembly’s work to discuss various political issues related to Lebanon, the region and the world.

Prominent political sources are raising questions about what the President of the Republic’s speech will include during the General Assembly, which is the highest international forum. What will he say to the world leaders about the situation in Lebanon, especially those leaders who have made strenuous efforts for a year to form a specialized neutral government within the framework of a comprehensive rescue path, and officials did not respond to them, which hindered the start of this path.

Sources also wondered whether the President will address the world’s leaders armed with the presence of a new government that will work to implement a plan to save the Lebanese who have plunged into economic, financial and social collapse.
From now until the end of the week, the fate of the government formation and the successive crises will actually become clear. The crises which does not start only with humiliation queues to secure fuel, medicine, and bread, but with the queues of people in the General Security centers to obtain passports, most of which are limited to ten years. It is the most serious crisis affecting Lebanon’s existence and entity, and aims to empty the country of its young brains and its productive and specialized energies. The Lebanese want to escape by any means from their country amid their suffering in their health, food and educational security.

The sources confirmed that the international community considers that the politicians have created Lebanon’s unprecedented crisis. Therefore, will the Presidential speech before the world reassure that officials will put an end to the collapse and failure that has occurred, and that a new horizon is emerging to save Lebanese?

Will the entitlement to hold the parliamentary elections take place on time, leading to the presidential elections? Will Lebanon work to restore its free decision and sovereignty over its entire territory through the implementation of international resolutions?

  • Sawt Beirut International