| 27 May 2024, Monday |

What’s behind Duquesne’s visit to Bierut

The United States is in talks with France, Arab countries, and influential parties, in efforts to form a government that implements reforms that would revive the economy and avoid Lebanese the total collapse.

Diplomatic sources told Sawt Beirut International (SBI) that these countries have asked all Lebanese parties to avoid the brinkmanship policy, form a government rapidly, and complete the parliamentary elections on time to preserve democracy. Therefore, there will never be financial or structural support without forming an effective government, which is totally committed to reforms.

All countries have been influenced by the humanitarian and social situation that the country has reached, and if things continued at the same pace, all parties will lose the country. Therefore, international-Arab endeavors focus on finding a solution, not necessarily only through a government, but through some aid, or an administration, which will undertake the assistance temporarily, in order to overcome this stage, if a government is not formed.

In this context, the visit of the French envoy, Coordinator of International Aid for Lebanon, Ambassador Pierre Duquesne, to the country will continue for two days, during which he will explore the outcome of international support for the Lebanese people, and the necessary aid required.

Duquesne will meet with representatives of the economic sectors, civil society, and international organizations to provide additional support. He will prepare for the third conference in support of the Lebanese people, which will be held in France in the second half of July.

Sources said that the Americans and the French seek deepening coordination regarding the Lebanese file. There is complete coordination between the two countries at the level of their foreign ministries, and their embassies in Beirut. It is bilateral cooperation for the sake of the Lebanese in order to find a common solution for the crisis.

In parallel, the American and French diplomats are playing a crucial role at the Arab level, as they are fully aware of the Arab stance towards Lebanon. In this context they are working intensively for two issues: The first, is that the Arab countries should play a crucial role in Lebanon, as they are aware of the reforms and changes that Lebanon should achieve in order to return to the Arabs and attract their care and attention. For them, it is necessary to start helping Lebanon from somewhere, amid the deteriorating economic situation the citizens are suffering from.

According to the sources, France and US, for instance, are supporting security and humanitarian institutions in Lebanon. France is also supporting the civil society, education, culture, and hospitals. All this in conjunction with extreme pressures to form an effective government of specialists carrying out reforms.

The sources indicated that Lebanese officials are well aware of what should be done, while international and Arab positions insist on this goal. Sources said that a European meeting will be held next week at the level of foreign ministers, in order to show the stages of the sanctions system on Lebanese officials, which is still under preparation.

The sources deny that there is international trend towards forming a military government soon. Also, from a constitutional point of view, the Army Commander cannot undertake power unless the President of the Republic submits his resignation and hands over power to the Army Commander.

  • Sawt Beirut International