| 22 April 2024, Monday |

When Hezbollah preaches patriotism!

Nothing easier than using the expressions of employment and treason, from someone who is an Iranian “infiltrator” a servant of the Khomeinist revolution, who does not belong to a homeland or to Arabism, but to his guardian ‘Wali” who hired him, inevitably he is a paid mafia depends on the continuation of his hegemony that will take Lebanon to a new civil war or partition, and maybe both, and God Know.

Rudeness and arrogance are beyond limits.

Perhaps Hassan Nasrallah and his aides were angry with Archbishop “Musa al-Hajj,” as a result of his failure to smuggle sufficient quantities of Captagon to heal the soul, as well as many bombs to nourish blood, and some heavy weapons to fuel terrorism.

Money coming from Israel is not acceptable, and its carrier is an agent and we will not disagree on the description if it is proven, but on the other hand, so as not to forget that money coming from Iran is no less unclean, and its carrier is no less an agent and scum.

Whoever blew up the convoys of the March 14 martyrs, and assassinated the most prominent men of Lebanon’s politicians, who glorified the silencer, silenced journalists and intellectuals, overlooked the bombing of “Israeli” planes to the port of Beirut, blew up the entire capital without blinking, and sent killings and corruption in his turban in a semi-state in which he works for the benefit Republic of the “Wali eh Fakih” and the implementation of its agenda, is the real “agent”, Hassan.

Whoever sold his country and served the interests of others has no right to talk about patriotism and honor. It is very rude to talk about arbitrary employment, who is a “hijacker” of the state’s decision, and whoever does not hesitate to brag that his food, clothing, weapons, missiles and money are from the Islamic Republic of Iran, in return for implementing its agenda, this is the real agent, Hassan.
Agents are those who accuse Bkerki of employment, and the accusations of arbitrary employment are returned to those announcing it. Hassan Nasrallah, your expulsion has become a national duty, and between the master of “Lebanon’s sovereignty” and the master of “Iranian agent,” we choose Lebanon and its master, above all considerations.

  • Sawt Beirut International