| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

When will Lebanon be freed from Iranian domination?

Hezbollah party proves everyday its involvement in supporting terrorist organizations that threaten world peace and security. Hezbollah’s involvement in suspicious activities made the international community pursue it until it became forsaken in most parts of the world.

The armed organization backed by Iran continues launching terrorist attacks, providing support to terrorist organizations, and threatening Lebanon and the Middle East as a whole, and now its activity has reached the threshold of the world, which generates a very dangerous security crisis worldwide.

Hezbollah, the terrorist organization that threatens global peace and stability, always seeks to guarantee the interests of the Republic of Iran, which is the first sponsor of terrorism as it is known, and to represent it on the Mediterranean coast at the expense of the peoples of those countries. The domination of this militia over the Arab countries and the building of its huge missile arsenal on their coasts, prevents the establishment of security.

It is vital to consider Hezbollah a transnational criminal group. Governments should treat Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, and none of the mouthpieces that adopt its infidelity should be allowed to block this.

Hezbollah’s activities are linked to organized crime and terrorism. Its military activities at the global level pose a serious regional and global threat. Its involvement in multiple suspicious operations from regional and international threats has made it one of the most dangerous groups, and all this is in order to serve Iran and its suspicious expansionist agendas in the Arab region.

Hezbollah is moving according to an Iranian agenda by implementing instructions issued by the terrorist Revolutionary Guard and the mullahs’ expansionist sectarian regime to pressure the international system with the aim of achieving Iranian gains, and this was clearly rejected by the countries in which it penetrated.

Finally, the withdrawal of Hezbollah’s weapons from Lebanon and the complete termination of this militia, as it poses a major threat to the stability of the Lebanese state, and the involvement of the terrorist party in taking Lebanon as a hostage to implement the mullahs’ interests is the first demand of the Lebanese people. So is anyone listening?!

  • Sawt Beirut International