| 22 June 2021, Tuesday | النسخة العربية

When will the world start addressing Lebanon’s crisis

  • Abd Aljalil Al-Saiid


The United States in the Biden era calls for humanitarian relief to Yemen, while France is working to provide humanitarian aid to Lebanon, and the United Nations in turn is working to provide humanitarian aid to Syria, so that the important and most important question remains when the world will begin to address the causes of the Lebanon, Syria and Yemen crisis by confronting Iran and its terrorist arms to stop the destruction of countries

Without a doubt, the manner of dealing with Lebanon within the methods of results without addressing the causes is something to be ashamed of. The countries that negotiate with Iran know the knowledge of certainty that Lebanon is an occupied country by Iranian militias called Hezbollah.

Worse than that is thinking about the dangerous scenario that entails the new and planned agreement of the West with Iran, for that agreement will involve condoning Iran’s crimes and its problems, and at the same time there are facts that explain all aspects of Iranian terrorism in every occupied Arab country.

It is good to say that the wars of Iran and the Arabs will not end soon. The people suffering from Iran have will not be silent, and the Lebanese who see their country shattered in front of them because of Iran will not be silent either.

And in clear evidence of Iran’s intention to drag the entire region towards further escalation, Lebanon does not yet find an opportunity to facilitate the formation of the government despite all the calamities. The misfortune of the politicians in Lebanon is that they are at the mercy of Hezbollah, and Hezbollah gets the orders from Tehran.

Even the deputy does not know the rules for vaccination and refuses to resign because he is not qualified to assume his position. The constitutional duties of the deputy are to monitor the work of the government and hold it accountable and thus follow up its decisions to monitor their implementation and be held accountable on their basis.

But aren’t these MPs ashamed to justify their actions by saying they were not aware of the calendar of appointments, and leaving those who elected them without a vaccine, taking the spoils of power and leaving the people with their adversaries?

And what is the council’s vaccination scandal more deadly than the daily scandals carried out by Hezbollah, which is the main organizer of Lebanon’s work. Currency smuggling continues, smuggling to Syria continues, and work outside the state’s domain is also continuing and no one speaks.

And the people silenced their voice under the pretext of preventing the gathering in order not to spread Corona, while they are starving as a result of the closure, and there is no help from the state that looted its treasury, and no efforts are being made from an authority concerned with revenge on the people headed by Michel Aoun.

Lebanon’s officials have a harsh lesson from Germany, which yesterday punished Syrian citizens who tortured Syrian  citizens at the Asadi Intelligence Branch. Those who have tortured the citizens in Lebanon, don’t they know that their trial will inevitably come as a result of the suffering of the Lebanese.