| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Who disrupts the Lebanese dialogue to solve their problems?

Hezbollah was quick in accepting President Michel Aoun’s invitation to a national dialogue on the defense strategy, administrative decentralization, and the economic recovery plan, which aims to work with the International Monetary Fund, in order to get the Lebanese out of this crisis.

The dialogue table means the implementation of international resolutions 1559, 1680 and 1701. The dialogue table means the existance of an effective productive government, capable of solving the Lebanese problems, and the topics of dialogue are executively bound to it and not in the air.

The dialogue table means that Lebanon and its government are able to implement the economic plan, in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund, and that the government works without any obstacles by any Lebanese party.

Is this really what is happening? And why does Hezbollah want a national dialogue now? Is it to discuss the defense strategy, or to discuss the electoral strategy, in order to attract the largest possible number of voters, because it accepted a defense strategy discussion, related mainly to finding a solution to the illegal weapons and integrating it with the Lebanese army?

What is actually happening is the following:

– “Hezbollah” does not want an economy recovery plan for the sake of the Lebanese, as it has contributed to wasting Banque du Liban’s foreign currency reserves, through smuggling food supplies, especially flour, as it is currently the case, and for fuel, as happened during the past two years. It allows people to suffer hunger and cold as well from their inability to pay the prices of diesel for heating, while it provided subsidized diesel to its environment at the beginning of winter, and these services was also suspended soon . It was all due to the obstruction of the government and the absence of its role, and prior to that the process of forming the government was disrupted for a year or more.
– What is happening is that the price of the dollar is increasing, in relation to the national currency , and there is no working authority in the country, due to the obstruction of the government, in order to put an end to all of this. Even the living situation of the Lebanese army is affected by the disruption of the government’s work.

Big countries are waiting for Lebanon to activate its government, in order to sign a plan with the International Monetary Fund, through which it will be able to save Lebanon. And if this does not happen due to the government’s obstruction, there will be no rescue for Lebanon because all the international delegates are waiting for Lebanon to fulfill its duties towards its people, and towards cooperation with the International Monetary Fund first, so that the later can help. And thus countries in turn, can help, based on what Lebanon’s situation with the Fund will be.

– There are attempts to disrupt the judicial authority by obstructing the investigations of the judicial investigator into the port crime, Tariq Bitar.
Does all this indicate a seriousness in dealing with the tragedies of the Lebanese? MP Muhammad Raad said previously about the result of the national dialogue regarding the defense strategy, “it is all in vain”. All of this to say that, there are those who obstruct the internal dialogue between the Lebanese to solve their problems at all levels.