| 21 February 2024, Wednesday |

Whoever put on once the black shirt, will not take it off today.

Who does not remember how Najib Mikati arrived at the Grand Serail, through the black shirts, so how can we today forget and hope for the best, from a prime minister who sucked out “housing money” from the treasury?

What kind of rescue will we expect from Mikati? what are our chances to rise from the economic pit we fell into, by the same ruling class, that formed the government today, on the basis of the quota bazaar?

Whoever put on once a black shirt, will not take it off today, and he will not hesitate to do again what he did, when he was heading Hezbollah government. And here he is today, submitting to the party and the miserable covenant, stripping away his sect’s robe, and disavowing all former prime ministers.

Mikati took off his skin in search of the prime minister’s office, knowing that this was his last chance, for acclaiming the Grand Serail’s throne.  He set up a government of 24 employees, affiliated with the authority, perhaps through them he could lure the money of the international community, ignoring the demands of the Lebanese people and Lebanon’s rescue requirements.

Mikati will not save Lebanon, and what kind of rescue is this, and the government’s decision is in the hands of Hezbollah. What rescue and the government came with a quota settlement aimed at bribing voters with some financing cards, and some liters of gasoline and black diesel, similar to the new minister’s faces.

Once again, Mikati abandoned Saudi Arabia, preferred the Iranians, embracing Khamenei, and again, he put on the Party’s black shirt, and did not listen to the advice of Dar Al-Fatwa.

The least of what Lebanon- which is mired in woes- needs, is crocodile tears, and whoever believes that Mikati will confront President Michel Aoun and his team’s intransigence within the government is mistaken, because Mikati signed in blank, before forming the government, and gave Aoun what he wanted, the disrupting third, which means that Mikati conceded to Aoun’s conditions, and will be Aoun’s second employee after former Prime Minister Hassan Diab.

No… Lebanon does not deserve such a government that was born from the womb of a corrupt class, that wasted depositors’ money, hampered investigations of the port explosion, bankrupted the country, and made the Lebanese citizen crave food, depriving him of his minimum rights and steadfastness aspects, and stole his life reap.