| 1 October 2022, Saturday |

Why Nasrallah postponed his speech until after anniversary of Martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s assassination ?

Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, was scheduled to appear on the Iranian “Al-Alam” channel last week, but it was postponed, which raised many question about the reasons behind failing to do this interview. Later he announced that he would appear on Al-Manar channel, during the festival organized by the party “in honor of the martyrdom of the resistance’ leaders ,” according to what Al-Manar reported, which falls on February 16.

In terms of timing, it is remarkable that it will take place two days after the commemoration of Martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s assassination, and thus, he is reliant on certain variables in terms of attitudes or participants in the memorial, and the extent of the persistence of the Sunni street in the face of “Hezbollah,” to see if it will ride the train of abstention from voting, or it will mobilize towards participation to prevent the complete control of the Iranian project over Lebanon, and this constitutes a concern in both cases, because it will deal a fatal blow to the Christian cover that the “Free Patriotic Movement” secures for it, which has increased the level of concessions not only to “Hezbollah” but to “Amal Movement”, as according to what a source told ” Sawt Beirut International”, “The end justifies the means,”

As for the content, the source believes that it is unlikely that he will address Yemen from a military point of view, because he is fully aware that the “Giants Forces” are close to paralyzing the capabilities of the “Houthis” completely, even if they are able to entrench themselves in some pockets and directorates. Therefore, the talk about Yemen could be restricted to the human condition only, as described.

As for the issue of Lebanon, the source suggests that he will likely deal with the issue of elections, especially that the period that will separate between the date of its first and second appearance will be sufficient to crystallize some alliances and nominations, and he will try to reassure the Christian street and his environment, the strength of the alliance with the Tayyar after the confusion between the party’s allies, and perhaps he will mention the economic situation after Iranian oil failed to satisfy the party’s environment and its friends and allies. Rather, it turned into a curse that began to infiltrate the corridors and councils, especially in the Bekaa, and Baalbek in particular, where many depend on “weeds” seasons, and Captagon pills became a competitor to them and they could not benefit from its revenue. In addition to that, they come in second place after the people of the south, because the nature of the tribal society’s composition cannot be compatible with the structure and hierarchy of “Hezbollah” and of course the customs and traditions of this society cannot be subjugated or asked to comply with the party’s decisions, and this was evident through confrontations and skirmishes, which were taking place between clans, and the mobile incidents that thw representatives of the “Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc” were exposed to, show the extent to which this environment complain of the party’s choices.

The source confirms, that the “answers” ​​paper on the Kuwaiti initiative that Lebanese Foreign Minister Abdullah Bou Habib brought to the Arab League, and its expected response, will have the greatest impact on the level of Nasrallah’s speech, especially since the content of the Lebanese response was not at the level of the initiative and included “No’s,” with regard to international resolutions, most notably 1559, after Bou Habib explicitly declared that he was “going to Kuwait for dialogue and not to hand over Hezbollah’s weapons, which does not dominate Lebanon’s politics.” These words will have a clear impact on the position of the Arab countries’ stance, that have been subjected to the most horrific accusations from Nasrallah, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Sawt Beirut International