| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Will Iran allow Lebanon demarcate borders and extract oil and gas?

The only file that is breaking the American stalemate regarding Lebanon, is the mediation that Washington is carrying out between Lebanon and Israel in order to demarcate the maritime borders, which facilitates the exploration and extraction of gas and oil. The US administration considers that this represents the basic solution to the economic and financial problem that Lebanon suffers from, which should be hastened to provide this solution.
Still, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri’s sources, who was informed by the American mediator Amos Hochstein about Israel’s positivity in response to Lebanon’s position on the demarcation borders, made it clear to “Sawt Beirut International,” that Lebanon is now waiting for either the American mediator to return to it bearing the details on which this posivity was built, or sending ideas to Lebanon to build on, to complete the existing indirect negotiations. But his visit is possible at any moment, and is not excluded.

The sources reported that Hezbollah’s launching of the three drones in the direction of the Karish field, is in response to the Israeli bombing of containers belonging to the Party in Tartus, Syria, in violation of the Lebanese airspace. Pointing out that Israel’s targeting of Hezbollah sites in Syria using Lebanese airspace, is no longer acceptable.

However, while awaiting what will Hochstein bear again about the negotiations, diplomatic sources confirmed that there is an American insistence on pursuing mediation, at a time it does not link this file to any other file, unlike Hezbollah’s tension in the south by sending drones in conjunction with the failure of the last round of US-Iranian negotiations in Doha.

The party has no problem in luring the Israeli destruction of the country, and in preventing the opportunity for Lebanon to recover, by obstructing the opportunity to invest oil and gas in the Lebanese sea. According to the sources, it seems that the real recovery of the economy is the party’s number one enemy. The party has no problem in linking the fate of the demarcation with the fate of the American-Iranian negotiation, as it stands behind the position of the state when this negotiation progresses, and it returns to sending messages that it is up to it to demarcate when the negotiations with Iran face difficulties that lead to their halt.

Through this, The Party wants to emphasize that Iran, through it, has the main influence on the demarcation file, and that it will not be far from the decision to allow Lebanon to extract oil or not. All of this depends on the results of the US-Iranian negotiations over Tehran’s nuclear program. And if the negotiation reached an agreement, it will have repercussions that lead to settlements in the region, including the file of demarcation and the extraction of oil and gas.

Meanwhile, the party is sending messages that the Israeli positivity, according to the sources, does not mean allowing Israel to extract oil from Karish, before definitively agreeing on the demarcation with Lebanon.

The messages confirm the Party’s readiness to go far until war, and that a military option is possible, despite its knowledge that all international and regional parties do not want war, and have no interest in it.

  • Sawt Beirut International