| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

Will Mikati apologize to save what is left from powers?

Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati’s chances to apologize are dwindling, even though he had many opportunities to withdraw before the temple collapses on everyone. Mikati would be the first affected on the political level after the promises he gave to the President Michel Aoun in the first days of his assignment, according to Sawt Beirut International sources.

However, Mikati’s patience and deliberation in solving the problems are wavering and their downfall became inevitable if he does not decide to “apologize,” especially that several chances arose the latest of which was what happened in Akkar and the major scandal of this massacre.

The most prominent chance for apologizing, according to the source, was Nasrallah’s speech today when he confirmed that the first ship loaded with fuel oil will sail from Iran within hours,” stressing that “from the first moment in which the Iranian ship will sail, Hezbollah will consider it in the Lebanese territory.”

The source, in this context, asks the PM-designate about his stances on the decisions taken by Nasrallah to import Iranian oil, despite the embargo and sanctions, and his threats to respond to any exposure to the Iranian oil tanker in any spot, which he will consider as an encroachment on Lebanese territory and its sovereignty, even though it was estimated that the ship would not arrive before two weeks.

Will Mikati accept to share his powers with “Hezbollah” or any other party in fateful decisions restricted to the official authorities?

The source added that Nasrallah’s announcement about finalizing the official procedures in Iran to sail the oil ship to Lebanon may be just e-mail messages to those concerned. But these messages will not be delivered, because Lebanon is threatened with “internet” interruption within hours, therefore the mails will move to “Draft”. Even if Nasrallah was able to send these messages, he will not receive satisfactory answers amid the emerging situations in Afghanistan, which has been taken over by Taliban.

This situation will pose a huge and painful challenge to the countries of the Iranian-Russian and Chinese axis on the security and economic levels. This will leave repercussions on the Middle East, specifically Syria and Lebanon.

  • Sawt Beirut International