| 26 February 2024, Monday |

With Bassil out of Presidential war, who is the lucky one?

It is enough to be Born a Maronite, to directly become a presidential candidate in Lebanon, according to the Lebanese constitution, so what is the case if you are a Maronite politician or army commander, then, you have become a “serious” presidential candidate.

The Lebanese presidential chair has many stories, some of which are truly amazing, as it changes the behavior of everyone who sits on it. Before sitting on this chair, waterfalls of promises are poured, and once reached, promises evaporate and words are blown away in the wind.

Observers of Lebanese presidential elections movement say that since the Taif Agreement, conditions have changed a lot, and the presidential elections have witnessed a clear volatility in the electoral process, as the Syrian regime used to have the final word in this process. But after the independence uprising, i.e. the March 14 revolution, we entered the obstruction phase, because Hezbollah, which controls all aspects of this file by the force of its weapons, got the grip on the presidency as well.

Followers of “Sawt Beirut International” add, “as soon as Michel Aoun became a President, and his only obsession was pleasing Hezbollah, which admitted that Aoun has reached presidency through the resistance rifle. And that the party’s election of Aoun, was an act of gratitude, since Aoun stood by Hezbollah in July war, as if presidency has become a part of “mutual gifts”

Followers point out that when Aoun became a president, and after his abject failure,he set his eyes on his son-in-law, Gibran Bassil’s presidential battle, and his only concern became how to deliver Basil to Baabda, no matter what it costs.

Adding that Aoun is at odds with all the serious candidates for presidency. After Maarab’s agreement with the head of the Lebanese Forces Party, Samir Geagea, he turned against him because the latter is a serious and actual presidential candidate.  The same is with the head of the Marada Movement, Suleiman Franjieh, who was an ally of Michel Aoun, now he a strong opponent of Aoun and Bassil, and the reason is obvious , Franjieh is close to Hezbollah, he enjoys the party’s confidence, and the issue of his candidacy by March 8 team is almost settled, therefore there is an Aounist  fear,  that the party will nominate Franjieh instead of Bassil, who has become the “losing candidate” for many reasons.

Amidst this tension, Joseph Aoun, the army commander, entered the presidential election arena through its wide door. The “genie” succeeded in gaining International Community confidence, and became a “hard “number in the presidential election process, because he succeeded in keeping the military establishment away from political disputes, which raises the following question: Will we witness a  future war  launched by Aoun and his Tayyar against the army commander to “ push him out” of the presidential elections?