| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

With President Aoun, we have to close the constitution book and open the history book

Whoever reads the President of the Republic General Michel Aoun’s statement will wonder whether this  speech was taken from 1989, when he was the head of the military government, or from his “last” tenure year.

President Aoun says in his speech: “No president will come after or before me, who does not represent anyone or even himself, but rather his base.”

This statement contradicts the constitution, as the President of the Republic does not stipulate the specifications of those who will come after him, especially since he used the letter “won’t”.

Moreover, this speech is similar to a “veto” on electing the Army Commander General Joseph Aoun to the presidency, because according to the criteria of the President of the Republic “he should not represent anyone even himself” because the standards of representation are determined by the ballot boxes, and General Joseph Aoun did not test the ballot boxes.

The most dangerous matter in his speech was in saying: “I will not surrender to the void.” This is another contradiction with the constitution. Will the President of the Republic do it and remain in the Presidential palace until electing a president according to the standards set by him, and then he does not recognize the president who does not meet the standards he set?

This means that the President does not read in the constitution book but in the history book especially for the period between 1988 and 1990, so what happened during this era?

He was appointed head of a transitional government to oversee presidential elections, after President Amin Gemayel’s term ended without electing a successor. But instead of preparing the ground for electing a new president, as Major General Fouad Shehab did when he was appointed as prime minister of the military government, he prepared the conditions for the election of a new president, declaring that no Presidential elections may be held in the presence of occupations.

The second “obstacle” that he put in place for not holding the presidential elections is that the Parliament’s mandate has been extended, therefore it is illegitimate, and accordingly, “how can an illegitimate parliament elect the President of the Republic”?

This is how the President of the Republic prepares for “2021 theater” to lift the curtain on “The Play of 1989”:

There is no election for a president who “does not represent anyone or himself.”

“I will not surrender to the void.”

In the event that parliamentary elections do not take place, the pretext is ready: “A council that is extended for it cannot elect a president.”

This is how the scenario is completed, and the President of the Republic remains in Baabda Palace according to the history book and in the study that will be prepared by his legal team on “permissibility of continuing in the presidency,” not reading in the constitution.

Who said “history does not repeat itself”?

  • Sawt Beirut International