| 23 October 2021, Saturday |

You are asked for actions Mikati, rather than words!

Prime Minister Najib Mikati says words for political propaganda, and leaves aside actions that prove the credibility of his words and positions, and at the same time he contradicts himself.

When someone says “resisting the Iranian occupation and confronting Hezbollah,” researchers ask for an excuse for their cowardice: How can that be? With weapons? Do you want a civil war in Lebanon, which is already suffering from a severe economic and social situation?

The political and religious Qiblah, Prime Minister of Lebanon, is not bombarded with missiles, nor in drugs smuggled into its lands, nor is a government formed by the voices of those who hate it. Before you talk about the Qiblah and religion, take a clear and explicit stance on the weapon of terrorism and its leadership that threatened the security of Saudi Arabia and abused its leadership.

The answer is very simple: If Prime Minister Najib Mikati refrained from receiving Iran’s foreign minister, wouldn’t this step have been counted for him as a model for resisting the occupation and a message to the world that Lebanon rejects the occupation? But whoever imposes on his minister of interior in the government a request for satisfaction from the former minister and MP Gebran Bassil, will not refuse to meet with Hussein Amir Abdollahian, but will welcome this Iranian minister very warmly.

As an Arab observer, I understand that when your destiny is in the hands of others, the latter is the cause of all the financial and moral problems you suffer. As long as there is an occupation and an armed party, the distraction with digital details, electoral acrobatics and political theories is just a farce.

The Iranian occupation in Lebanon is on top of the problems, and a country like Lebanon in which there are 220,000 missiles owned by Hezbollah, and the power of electricity is zero, after the two largest power stations stopped working due to a lack of fuel.

The most dangerous and ugliest of the occupation is the one who deals with it, as he is the one who turns into a pliant servant in the hands of the occupier. The most insolent class in its labors is that which boasts of being among the faithful clients of its masters. The one who is more brazen than them, is the agent who claims patriotism while he is a small soldier in the ranks of the enemy that is destroying his country, and is even proud to carry out all the orders that come to him.

After Iran planted its militias in more than one Arab capital and succeeded in transforming these organizations as a fait accompli and a competitor to the central state, it is planning to perpetuate this reality through a soft coup “gasoline and diesel,” which is what is happening in Lebanon today in light of the flagrant paralysis of a ruling staff wholly subservient to the Hezbollah militia. Bribery of Iranians from gasoline and diesel will make the Lebanese cry, and will let Lebanon pay the highest price at the expense of its sovereignty and entity.

Do not be happy with gasoline, as it will burn the last stronghold of legitimacy and freedom, and will even make the Arabs more distant from Lebanon, which Aoun wants to throw into the arms of Iran.