| 27 October 2021, Wednesday |

Ilak Jlede

Ilak Jlede program tours in the Lebanese districts with two boxes. The first contains a valuable cash prize, while the second is empty. One box will be given to the person who gives a correct answer to Elie Chemali’s (Elie Jlede) question, under the condition of implementing the task with the help of passers-by. Will the participant win the financial prize at the end of the episode, or he will choose the empty box?


Beirut Time


Elie Chemali

Elie Chemaly, the famous "Elie Jlede", has gained a large fame that has spread beyond Lebanon, to Syria, Jordan, and other Arab countries, due to his hilarious and comical approach of interacting with people in his street reports in Lahon w Bass program. Elie's videos get millions of views on social media.

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