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Abou Chafic Online

is a Game Show aired during Ramadan month. In every episode, a star is hosted in Abou Chafic's Beiruty House. Abou Chafic engages in a dialogue with the guest in a simple and lovely manner, under a "fun framework". The dialogue includes live calls from viewers. Abou Chafic ‎asks intriguing and funny riddles; cash prizes are granted to the winners. The hosted guest plays a role in giving a hint to the callers, in order to help them win.

Beirut Time

Wissam Sabbagh

is a Lebanese actor and presenter. He has graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts at the ‎Lebanese University - Department of Theater in 1997, and from Beirut Arab University - College of ‎Business. Wissam Sabbagh is currently pursuing Master’s studies in Production.‎ He has participated in many Lebanese and Arab series and variety programs, in addition to Ramadan TV shows for ‎more than twenty years.‎

EPISODE 13 1:10:42

Kamil Asmar, the episode’s guest

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