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Every week, a file composed of two parts in regard with politics, economics and society is brought to the table. From reality to the screen, every episode of SBI Files is a 10-minute show hosted on a weekly basis.

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Claude Abou Nader Hindi

A committed journalist from Lebanon ... Claude Abou Nader Hindi has worked in the written press, radio and television in fields that shed the light on social, political and economic issues. Since 2009, she has been the producer and the Host of a documentary program aired on a weekly basis on the MTV channel. She has earned many Arab and Lebanese awards for her commitment to investigative journalism in addition to her credibility in a unique TV show, a “one of a kind” program of Lebanon's visual media.

EPISODE 20 18:02

Litani is a clear threat, and sewage has contaminated 60% of Bekaa soil

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