| 1 December 2021, Wednesday |

With Diana

“Let's Talk with Diana” is a new way of dialogue, a wide and useful platform welcoming discussions for interaction and for sharing thoughts. “Let’s Talk with Diana” is not limited to posing questions and getting answers, but is rather an interactive dialogue among active youth groups who are seeking comprehensive and transparent answers.


Beirut Time


Diana Fakhoury

Diana Fakhoury is a Journalist for more than sixteen years who was known as a News Reporter at Future TV before moving to MTV to be the News Anchor for bulletins and political dialogues, in addition to hosting news bulletins at Sawt Beirut International and a special political program that discusses the political reality of Lebanese students, whether they support political parties or not, in the presence of Political Leaders.

EPISODE 35 51:59

Resigned MP Elias Hankash: We reproach with the Lebanese Forces if they meet with the proposals of the revolution

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