| 1 December 2021, Wednesday |

Inside the Neighborhoods are Alive

This program searches in the neighborhoods for heroes who withstood the greatest afflictions and fought oppression to live with dignity. It makes the audience witness the suffering of the poor and empathize with extreme poverty, misfortunate people facing hunger. Inside the Neighborhoods are Alive “بقلب الأحياء أحياء” is a TV Program that monitors the conditions of abandoned people in Lebanon who are in need so as to lend a helping hand and bring assistance to them.


Beirut Time


Sabine Youssef

Sabine Youssef began working for "Jaras Scoop FM" Radio, hosting “Tell me” before moving to "Radio Free Lebanon" and many other radio channels and hosted countless Programs. She as well cooperated with ifm Radio Tunisia and hosted a program that took place between Beirut and Tunisia. She was the Guest Producer of a Talk Show for 3 years.

EPISODE 40 17:26

The suffering of a family that have more than one critical case in Sin el Fil

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