| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Baidu CEO says EV arm’s autonomous driving tech will be ahead of Tesla

Jidu Auto, an electric vehicle (EV) company owned by Baidu, will have autonomous driving technology that is one generation ahead of Tesla, according to a statement made by Robin Li, the company’s chief executive, on Monday.

Being electric is the semi-final in terms of smart vehicles, whereas intelligence is the winner, Li continued.

Jidu aims to be to be able to deliver 800,000 of its “robot” cars in 2028, Jidu chief executive Joe Xia Yiping said in the statement.

Jidu also plans to deliver its second model for mass production in 2024, Xia said.

Jidu revealed its first “robot” concept car, which has no door handles and can be fully controlled via voice recognition, in June, with the plan to mass produce the model in 2023.

Besides equipping the car with autonomous driving software technology powered by Baidu, Jidu’s “robot” vehicles will have two lidars and 12 cameras. Lidars are detection systems, similar to radars, that use pulsed laser light rather than radio waves.

Tesla does not use lidar censors.

Baidu’s EV-making plan comes as tech companies around the world race to develop smart cars after Tesla’s success in commercializing EVs.

Smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp and Didi Global are among other Chinese tech giants pursuing automaking ambitions.

  • Reuters