| 16 June 2024, Sunday |

Biden to meet with Target, IBM and other CEOs

President Joe Biden will meet with the chief executives of several large companies on Thursday to get their perspective on the U.S. economy, a White House official said.

The meeting at the White House includes the CEOs of Target, IBM and Exelon, Bechtel Group, General Catalyst, TIAA and Otis Worldwide, representing the construction, manufacturing, clean energy, finance and retail industries.

Biden is seeking the executives’ perspectives on the economy and on his administration’s efforts to provide domestic investment, the White House official said.

The Democratic president, who is seeking re-election next year, made reviving the U.S. economy a cornerstone of his domestic agenda when he came into office amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He pushed Congress to pass sweeping legislation to invest in infrastructure, target student loan debt and has been a vocal supporter of workers’ rights.

On Wednesday, Biden took aim at unpopular junk fees as his administration proposed a new rule to ban hidden fees imposed across a range of sectors, including hotels, ticketing agents and car rental companies.

  • Reuters