| 19 May 2022, Thursday |

A citizen holds “hostages” in a Jib-Jennin bank

“A. Al-Saei” from the town of Kefraya – West Bekaa, threatened to ignite the “BBAC” bank located in Jeb Jenin, where he held the employees hostage in case he did not get his money.

After negotiations succeeded between him and the security forces, he left the bank after he managed to collect some of his money.
Press information indicated that the citizen’s deposit in the bank is about 50 thousand dollars.

An employee working at the bank explained via “Sawt Beirut International” that when the man entered the bank carrying a bag with him, she thought it was his money, and when he opened it, she was surprised that it was full of “gallons of gasoline.”

In an interview with the citizens who were present at the place, they also confirmed, via “Sawt Beirut International” that they sympathized with the man, and when he left the bank, they applauded for him.