| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

ِAlternative name for “Mikati” in continuous research, Jumblatt requires unanimity

Between positioning on the opposite side of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be named only from the blocs and representatives that revolve in Hezbollah’s orbit, and in light of his fear that the number of deputies supporting his nomination does not exceed 60, President Najib Mikati stands in confusion.

He realizes, according to sources close to him, that not obtaining Saudi approval for the assignment will not grant him the freedom to write on the terms of Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement. Especially since the list of his supporters so far is limited to the duo Amal, Hezbollah and the Sunni representatives, especially the North Development List, in addition to Zahle MP Bilal Shuhaimi and Beirut MP Nabil Badr, on the other hand, the democratic meeting made up his mind and Jumblatt decided to name Judge Nawaf Salam, who also enjoys the votes of the Kataeb, some parliamentarians for change, and the independence movement, but despite that, and with a calculating process, Mikati is still the most fortunate in terms of the number of votes, although the number is less compared to previous times.

But Mikati’s problem will not be limited to the relatively small number of votes, but also in the absence of the Christian charter if the Free Patriotic Movement maintains its position, in addition to not being named by the Lebanese Forces, which according to the information, it will not also name Nawaf Salam, and will announce the position on Wednesday, justifying the reasons for not naming anyone, including Salam, who previously called the Strong Republic bloc in the previous consultations, but after communicating with him, he did not adhere to the basic principles that the forces demand that the next prime minister abide by, and in this atmosphere, Mikati is still trying to placate his opponents by being tough at times in the file of the displaced Syrians, demanding their return to what does not satisfy Bashar al-Assad and his allies in Lebanon, or by confirming to his questioners his refusal to comply with the conditions of the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, resolutely not to keep the movement’s energy portfolio and its tendency to form a government of specialists.

Mikati said to opponents of Bassil’s attempts to seize control of the joints of power through the next government, “Be careful, my absence means that another person may arrive and implement what they want.”

But Mikati, who is decisive in the face of the Free Patriotic Movement, hesitates to meet the demand for rotation in the portfolios, which means withdrawing the finances from the Shiite duo, especially since if he pledges to do so, it means that he will lose the support of Amal and Hezbollah, while the support of the other opposition forces is not guaranteed.

Finally, the General Secretariat of the House of Representatives introduced an amendment to the names of the blocs and personalities listed on the list of appointments for consultations, so the only amendment was the addition of a bloc to representative, Neemat Frem, in the name of “Project Watan”, which included him with the representative of Tripoli, Jamil Abboud.


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