| 28 September 2022, Wednesday |

To the strong covenant: Heal yourself first!

The strong covenant has confused us totally, for it says one thing and its opposite, at the same time. On media and popular levels, it shows its interest in the public treasury, and claims financial chastity. On the other hand, we find it pointing its arrows at the opponents, accusing them of waste and theft, and sparing itself from any accusation or wrongdoing.

In principle, and as the saying goes, “ words are for free,” and therefore, the covenant’s master and staff can say and clain whatever they want, while the reality and the truth are elsewhere. The story of corruption does not begin and does not end with Riad Salameh, as they are trying to portray the matter. Salameh, of course, is part of the rampant corruption in the state, but all the elements of corruption are not limited to him. The clearest evidence for this is the electricity file, that has been in the custody of the Free Patriotic Movement for more than ten years.

This file is the dirtiest and ugliest in the Second Republic era, so who is responsible for it? Is it not the team of the President of the Republic, especially his son-in-law, the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gebran Bassil, who has been in charge of the Ministry of Energy for many years? Why don’t Gebran Bassil and those with him, deliver documents for what they have done over the past year? Why don’t they admit that their wrong policies, which perhaps were drawn up and planned to, are the ones that have caused a deficit of more than fifty billion dollars for the state?

What is worse, is that till this moment, Bassil and his ministers do not want the establishment of an electricity regulatory authority, that can achieve the required transparency in the electricity sector. Instead, they still insist on obtaining a new advance for electricity and inserting it into the general budget, as if we are not fed up with the policy of loans, deals and thefts. So, strong covenant, if you really want a state of institutions and transparency, why don’t you start with yourself and those close to you? Have you not heard the saying: Doctor, heal yourself first?


  • Sawt Beirut International