| 20 May 2024, Monday |

12 polluted beaches in Lebanon

After landfills and factory smoke, the issue of sea pollution appears on the Lebanese coast. The laboratory official in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dr. Khaled Al-Omari, explained to “Sawt Beirut International” correspondent, Ghassan Farran, that “there is bacterial pollution caused by sewage or human activity, and there is pollution from industrial waste.

He added, “If the amount of bacterial contamination in the swimming place is high, the swimmer can accidentally inhale or drink water, which may affect the digestive system and public health.”

Environmental reports indicated that there are 24 suitable swimming sites. 8 are polluted while there are 8 dangerous beaches. Tripoli, Enfeh, Al-Hari, Jounieh, Ain Al-Mraiseh, Damour, Jiyeh, Sarafand and Naqoura were rated very good. As for the bad beaches that are not suitable for swimming, they are the port of Tripoli opposite Abdel Wahab Island, the popular swimming pool in Jounieh and Dbayeh, the mouth of the Antelias River, in addition to the Ramlet al-Baida beach.

The very dangerous sites are Klayaat in Akkar and Minya, and a private sandy beach in Batroun, in addition to the public beach of Al-Bahsa in Sidon. It should also be noted that the Selaata beach is relatively acceptable, but the presence of chemical laboratories next to it makes it vulnerable.

The environmental report also indicated that the fish wealth that is produced from Lebanese waters is safe and edible and has not been affected so far by the pollution of some beaches.

  • Sawt Beirut International