| 24 April 2024, Wednesday |

2022 budget approved by majority of 63 votes

The budget approved in the session chaired by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri in Nejmeh Square, with a majority of 63 deputies, 37 against, and six abstentions.

Among the highlights of the general budget is an increase in the salaries of civil and military public sector employees, retirees, contractors, and all wage-earners in the state, twice the basic salary, provided that the increase is not less than 5 million Lebanese pounds and not more than 12 million pounds.

This increase is considered exceptional and limited in time, pending the final treatment of the issue of salaries, and it is not counted in the end-of-service compensation or the retirement pension.

The figures for budget revenues were based on calculating the customs dollar at a value of 15,000 Lebanese pounds, as announced by the caretaker prime minister, Najib Mikati, in the session. Expenditures in the budget amounted to 40,873 billion pounds, while imports amounted to 29,986 billion pounds.

The question remains whether this budget satisfies the International Monetary Fund, which requested it as part of the mandatory reform conditions to enter into actual negotiations with it.

The powers of the authority think that they have scored a historic achievement by approving the 2022 budget, but the reality is that they are not aware that all they have done is buy time through a worthless budget. 31.9%. As for the 2022 budget, it is equal to the actual market exchange rate of $1.07 billion, distributed over an output of $14.1 billion, i.e. it is equal to 7.6%. To this extent, the presence of the state has become marginal in the structure of Lebanese society.

  • Sawt Beirut International