| 22 May 2024, Wednesday |

2022 election campaigns’ slogans shy… and content implementation, absent.

The financial crisis made the pictures of the majority of the candidates absent from the billboards. Whoever wanders the streets of Beirut, or on the roads, notices the absence of the electoral campaigns’ protection. However, the constant among all electoral years is the competition for the campaign slogan.

“We do not compromise”, “We can”, “We will remain here”, a sample of the slogans raised by the parties to fight the battle of the parliamentary elections 2022.

A short slogan that is psychologically and ideologically strong at the same time, is one of the main conditions for choosing slogans for the electoral phase.

Slogans change from one phase to another, according to local and sometimes regional and international conditions. However, its implementation remains in most cases, absent.

Slogans reproduce the political forces, and reflect through its depth an image of their principles, and a review of the nature of relations and alliances between the various parties and the electorate.

Will it be implemented? Or will it remain mere reviews on the ground, and through the space of social networking sites?

  • Sawt Beirut International