| 19 April 2024, Friday |

2022 elections will determine the Lebanese destiny

What does 2022 hide for us? Would it portray a different picture to the Lebanese than the previous year, or would it be the same? To be more specific, the new year should be divided into two parts: before the parliamentary elections, around mid-May, and after the parliamentary elections, towards the end of June. The test and criteria is the next parliamentary elections.

If the elections are held on schedule, the country is heading in the right direction, which includes holding presidential elections in the fall season and appointing a new President of the Republic. However, if elections are unable to be held for a variety of reasons, General Michel Aoun’s reluctance to leave Baabda Palace would definitely result in Lebanon’s transition from a period of political and economic crisis to a time of order or even entity crisis.

What is the true state of the political parties’ positions on the election process? Is it genuinely optimistic that the elections will take place on the constitutionally mandated date, or is everything it says on this level only for media consumption? The system’s parties, led by the Free Patriotic Movement, are without a doubt in crisis. It is well aware that its popularity is not what it desires, and thus chooses to postpone the elections hoping that events and circumstances would eventually work in its interest.

International pressure and popular pressure are the only things that can stop the system’s hellish strategy. As a result, O Lebanese, do not back down from your demand for elections. Prevent members of the governing gang from seizing your decision, and get ready to face down the authorities if the polls are postponed. By postponing the elections this time, the final chance for Lebanon’s establishment is lost. Do you want 2022 to be a year of despair, frustration, and death for Lebanon, or a year when it comes back to life?

  • Sawt Beirut International