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5 countries in the world without airports

The beginning of the smallest country in the world “Vatican”. It is located in the center of the Italian capital, Rome. Its area does not allow the establishment of a private airport. Which prompts tourists to disembark at Rome airport, and then travel overland to the Vatican.

The French Principality of Monaco is the second smallest country in the world. It does not have an airport, despite the luxury of its facilities, and it is considered a haven for the rich. Where travelers are forced to disembark at the French “Nice” airport, and then travel by land, a journey that does not exceed 25 minutes.

to San Marino, Italy. Its small area forced travelers and tourists to land at the nearby Rimini airport.
As for the Emirate of Andorra, located in the middle of the European mountains, its geographical nature made it necessary for travelers to land at the airport in Spain or France, and then travel to it by land.

We arrive in occupied Palestine, where the residents of the West Bank must travel by land through Jordan or Egyptian airports, to transfer to international destinations.

In contrast to the presence of countries without airports, Lebanon is distinguished by the fact that it contains five airports, one of which is officially used, namely:
Rafic Hariri International Airport
Qleiat Airport
Rayak and Hamat air bases
As for Baadran Airport in the Chouf, it was built by the French during the mandate period, and the head of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, contributed to its restoration and expansion during the seventies of the last century, but it is out of service.

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