| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

A child who does not want to die

Children, and for the first time, express their fear of death, due to the inability to secure treatment for their incurable disease, cancer.
To “SBI Files” they shed tears and uttered words of fear and anxiety: “If the medicine stops, I cry and grieve” or “I am afraid that medicine will not be available”
Phrases, that are nothing but a mirror of the reality lived by the parents. Some sold a car to secure dollars for buyiong medicine from abroad, and others borrowed from family and friends…
The suffering of parents and children… while the conflict escalates between hospitals and guaranteeing institutions.
30 million pounds, for social security varience… It is a bill for a few days of hospitalization. Is it possible for a child to hear words from his doctor or from his family, that do not reassure him about the possibility of his recovery and deprivation of life? Yes, because these children were born in Lebanon.