| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

A country abuses its women twice

Without shame.. proud and filming a video documenting his crime… beatings of torture and verbal or physical abuse… for the latter to surrender to her fate and attempt suicide, perhaps ending her torment journey, believing that death is merciful… She is the victim, Ghanwa Rameh Allawi, and the criminal, her monotonous husband in the Internal Security Forces, Ayyash Tarrak…

However, Ghinwa is not the only one, as many other women suffer daily in silence… whether for the sake of their children or for fear of reprisals in light of a state that is absent from hearing and sight… She has lost confidence in it…

Today, the Lebanese squares are witnessing movements of women demanding the simplest things: to live in dignity and obtain their civil rights in a country that claims democracy. Although there are some relevant laws, the problem lies in their implementation. Using the legal corridors to escape from them is very easy.

And while we are waiting for our protected state to act, it will intensify the punishment and enact more laws.
The deterrent… Rise up, ladies, in order to achieve justice and put an end to injustice. ..


  • Sawt Beirut International