| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

A highly important legislative session, only if!

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, as predicted, called for a general legislative session to be convened at UNESCO Palace on Monday and Tuesday, February 21 and 22, before and after midday, to analyze and adopt the laws and proposals on the agenda.

This session will go over the draft legislation on the agenda, the most significant of which is the draft competition law, as well as the project on judicial independence. However, its significance may be diminished or misunderstood, especially as the Strong Lebanon group continues to insist on amending the electoral law by adhering to Constituency 16, which provides for the election of six MPs for expatriates.

Raising the electoral file again would spark heated debates among parties who do not see it as a facilitator for holding elections, but rather as a factor in disrupting them, in addition to re-demanding that the bloc adopt the MegaCenter, which President Michel Aoun proposed in the last cabinet session.

Thus, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri has made it clear in all of his statements that he would not allow any postponement, even for one minute, under any circumstances. In this situation, he will try to keep the session on track in order to avoid any attempts to distract attention away from the agenda.

  • Sawt Beirut International