| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

A kiss and a hug…That’s all for Valentine this year.

A teddy bear, a flower, a bracelet or a gold ring… This is how the Lebanese used to celebrate Valentine’s Day through gift they bring to their partners as a token of love and loyalty…
As for today, and with the deepening economic crisis in Lebanon, how do the Lebanese celebrate, or “Are they celebrating at all?”

Red roses and large and small teddy bears fill the storefronts of shops in Lebanon from merchants who hope that this holiday will stir up some of the stagnation in the markets.. And with the prices of imaginary teddy bears, some of which exceed $100, how is the market this year?

As for the color red which represents valentine, it was absent from most of the clothing stores except for a few of them.

What about gold? The most precious and sweetest gift for women’s hearts.. the home “crock” for difficult times that most Lebanese resort to today?

It seems that love this year will be for the rich only… As for the poor ones, they were satisfied with a kiss and a hug, in which they expressed their love with deeds and words!

  • Sawt Beirut International