| 26 September 2022, Monday |

A Lebanese imprint at the Broadway International Film Festival 2021 in Los Angeles

The Broadway International Film Festival was held in its 14th session in Los Angeles in the United States, displaying films from many countries and different nationalities.

The festival comprised a tribute to the Mexican Hollywood star Humberto Luna, who devoted his life for 50 years in the field of radio and television as an actor and presenter, in the presence of the Mexican Consul and other important people in Los Angeles.

Among the movies that took part in the festival is “Beirut After the 40th” film for the Lebanese director Anthony Mershak. The movie documents the moments of the August 4 explosion.

The short documentary film won a Certificate of Appreciation from California Senator Maria Elena Durazo for this influential work.

It is reported that the film is now showing at the Portland film festival

This month, it is showing next Sunday in Las Vegas at the Silver State Film Festival.

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