| 1 March 2024, Friday |

A message to Nasrallah!

Yes, this message is for you, thanks and appreciation, for the six years of hell you delivered to the Lebanese.. It seems that you are still insisting.. on what is under Hell and beneath a seventh land as the destiny for this people.. After a silence, Hassan Nasrallah came to us to define the specifications of the president. He wants him “reassuring to the resistance, not stabbing it in the back and not selling it!”

We are thankful for your efforts, Your Eminence, Mr.… However, our Lebanon and its people are fed up with hell, and they do not want a shadow president like the one before.. Lebanon needs someone who serves it alone “and is not fabricated” to serve Iran or its arm, you, in Lebanon.. Perhaps it will restore what you destroyed, and get Lebanon back..

No, Your Eminence, “this does not work everytime!” Neither the 100,000 missiles, nor the 100 fighters, nor even speeches and antagonisms, will succeed this time, which was evident in the wave of sharp responses against your escalation! As for the appropriate name, let those who have suffered six years, choose it.

Finally, you have to decide who you want… an employee for our Lebanon? Or an employee of yours and a guard of the palace and a mediator for Iran in this country?!

  • Sawt Beirut International