| 2 October 2022, Sunday |

A new Aounist attempt to revoke expatriates’ votes and so are elections

Information, circulating that a new attempt is being worked on and is almost ready, to re-pass the item related to the 6 expatriate representatives, meaning the expatriate voices will be revoked and so is their impact on the election results, have reached expatriates from more than one source.
This issue will of course be based on the agenda included in the decree opening of the special session, on reconsidering issues related to the electoral law, a decree that was signed by the President of the Republic. While parliamentary sources confirm that putting forward this item requires a proposal for an expedited repetitive law, submitted by a deputy, which has not happened yet, but nothing prevents this, especially if the conditions for bartering are met, and it seems that they are ready. It is sufficient for Speaker Berri to agree with the President of the Republic and the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, for the amendment to take place, so that the vote of the expatriate Lebanese move from 128 deputies to 6 deputies by creating the 16th constituency. It is sufficient that the votes of the Development and Liberation bloc’s representatives move from the opposition side to the supporters’ side. Data states that work is underway to conclude that the issue will be raised during a soon parliamentary session, and the scenario for the session is that the withdrawal of the objectors does not lead to the quorum of the session, by adopting the quorum of 59 deputies and not 65 after counting the number of deputies remaining and deleting the resigned and deceased. But if this issue passes, the Free Patriotic Movement’s deputies will be contradicting themselves, because they are the most opposed to calculating the quorum of 59 deputies and have submitted an appeal against it. Also, this bartering requires Berri’s approval, and of course the approval will not be free of charge. So, What’s in return? Could it be that Berri and his deputies will vote for the 6 expatriate representatives in return for the President of the Republic facilitating the file demarcation of the borders in accordance with the agreement that Berri previously reached with the Americans, which contradicts the space on which the army command delegation worked in the recent negotiations? Or will it include another topic?? Beyond that, there is no doubt that the reintroduction of the 6 expatriate representatives will threaten the electoral merits, and will lead to revoking the elections for more than one reason, the most prominent of which, is exposing the elections to challenge and the objection of the expatriates who registered on the basis of the election for 128 deputies. According to the information, they will not stand by and watch, so is the intention is to revoke the elections?

  • Sawt Beirut International