| 15 April 2024, Monday |

A new harmony between the Free Patriotic Movement and Amal

In a manner similar to a prepared broth, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, in cooperation with the Minister of Justice, the minister affiliated with the President of the Republic and the Free Patriotic Movement, flew a proposal for a law on the independence of the judiciary that would free judges from the influence of politicians

The law was then proposed again to the Administration and Justice Committee, on the grounds that the Minister of Justice did not have enough time to study it, since he only received it 3 days ago. The attempt of the Chairman of the Administration and Justice Committee, Representative George Adwan, to change Berri’s opinion did not succeed when he explained that the committee took into account the observations of the Supreme Judicial Council and the observations of the former Minister of Justice and that the current handed over the ministry after the proposal was referred to the General Assembly and that the ruling is continuity, and more than that, Adwan asked for a 15-day deadline Just to restore the law quickly. A wild individual: Take a month.

The objection was limited to withdrawing the law on the independence of the judiciary, in addition to the forces on the future MPs, and MP Hadi Hobeish, as well as MP Bilal Abdullah from the Progressive Socialist Party, objected in their name, while no objection was registered to the MPs of the Free Patriotic Movement, as well as the representatives of Amal and Hezbollah, in a tripartite harmony rejecting or I seek to postpone the principle of electing 7 members of the Supreme Judicial Council and appointing the Council of Ministers only 3 based on the proposal of the Supreme Judicial Council, meaning in other words keeping the judge captive to the political authority that appointed him. The second fact, devoted to the legislative session of the House of Representatives, is that the political forces are doing everything they can to not facilitate the task of electing expatriates.

With the exception of the Lebanese Forces deputies and Representative Hadi Hobeish, all refused to vote on the hasty status of the law submitted by Representative George Okeis to facilitate the voting of expatriates with the available identification documents, due to the impossibility of exporting identity cards at the present time and due to the impossibility of obtaining dates for obtaining new passports before June, which prompted Adwan to say to Berri: I mean, you don’t want expatriates to vote.

  • Sawt Beirut International