| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

A prominent businessman breaks the law in Rabieh

From the wide door, Mr. Abdullah Fawaz entered the hillock. The entry of Abu Fawaz only to violate the laws imposed in the field of construction and assault on private property of real estate adjacent to his property.

This prompted the owner of a real estate to take action to stop the encroachments on his property. After receiving a reply and procrastinating, the Director of the Union of Municipalities of Matn Nabil Abu Samra issued a book in which he stated
After looking at the license file on the property No. 387 in the Al-Rabieh area, it was found that a letter of suspension from work and an indication of a building contrary to the transaction registered with the Federation had been prepared.
The above-mentioned letter was sent to the Mayor of Rabieh, Issam Al-Shamas, who in turn prevented him from signing it and putting it on the council’s register.
The judiciary, in turn, assigned an expert to uncover the violations that took place, which were detailed in the report as follows:
-Construction of a separate dividing wall between properties 387 and 388
– Trespassing on the property 388, especially taking into account the height of the existing building on the property 387
– Encroachment on the retreats, especially the encroachment of the swimming pool by about two meters towards the property No. 388 and other violations
To find out the reason for the mayor’s refusal to sign the book, we contacted him. He confirmed that the Minister of Works in the caretaker government, Ali Hamiyah, was the one who asked him to save the file.
If it seems that Mr. Fawaz and your eyes, O state, are violating the law, with the support and coverage of local and political parties, and in a real estate precedent in Rabieh, the violating construction is completed and everyone is watching.

  • Sawt Beirut International