| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

A Shiite martyr’s father mourns Rafic Hariri and attacks Nabih Berri

A cry of pain from the father of the martyr Ibrahim Amin, who lost his life in the explosion at Beirut port, was launched through “Sawt Beirut International,” where he said in a burning tone, “I demand the lifting of immunity on politicians.

He added “may God rest the soul of kamil Shamoun and Rafic Hariri, I am a shiite my father is also Shiite, God rests your soul Rafic Hariri, because this man used to be fair, he never differentiated between a Shiite and a Sunni, but those are sloggish dogs , and the head of the gang is Nabih Berri, my fellow citizen, may he be dammed .”

He added, “ Rafic Hariri didn’t spare any effort, he never asked any of those seeking his assistance about their sect or region. He used to help, he never procrastinated, he used to help directly.”

When asked if there is still any official who still cares for this country, he said: “ there is God the Almighty , God is seeing everything , and he knows them well. “

Martyr Amin was employed a month before his martyrdom AT the port, his father said, “If Israel loses one of its sons, it will destroy a country to retrieve his body, but our officials do not care about our affairs. They only care about their pockets,” repeating, “It is shameful to be beaten with women, by the security forces.”

He concluded with a message to his son, “May God rests your soul , you are now relieved from this country in which we live.”