| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

A young Lebanese who stopped”nagging” and welcomed 2022 with an idea to secure him money

Eli, a young Lebanese man, who quarantine and the difficult financial situation in Lebanon, taught him that “nagging” and watching the applications of the dollar exchange rate and bemoaning the death of the 1500, will not secure him progress in life, so he decided to transform his kitchen to a small factory, and via social media, to a marketing company… His idea was sweet with the taste of sweets… And he decided that 2022 would be the beginning… To Ashrafieh, we headed to end 2021’s omen, into a story of optimism.

What does Eli aspire to in the coming years? And will he stay in Lebanon?

Life does not tolerate the weak, it is for the strong of souls and will

The recipe for success in life: a cup of will, a cup of work, a spoonful of ambition with a sprinkle of happiness … and, enjoy!