| 31 January 2023, Tuesday |

After Mezher’s coup against Bitar, will the magic turn on the magician?

Who will win Judge Habib Mezher or Judge Tarek Bitar?

The battle is open, after the attempts to overthrow the judiciary reached the peak with political orders led by the Shiite duo to disrupt the investigations into the port explosion.

Mezher, after exceeding his powers and asking Bitar to freeze the investigation and deposit the entire file, expanding his task limited to dismissing Judge Nassib Elia only, is currently facing a massive rights revolution. Information reveals that the Supreme Judicial Council will not stand idly in the face of abuses at a time when the legal department of the people aiming to reform the system filed a complaint against Mezher before the judicial inspection.

Judicial sources revealed that the judicial inspection is studying the file to take measures against Mezher. In the face of the confusion in the corridors of the judiciary, a step back was taken by Mezher, as human rights sources made it clear that the latter did not issue a decision to dismiss Bitar. However, while examining the dismissal file assigned to him, the Registry was asked to include the dismissal file submitted to Bitarfor review, and it is a legal procedure.

Will this clarification be a way out that preserves Mezher?

Let us wait, but it is certain that Judge Bitar will continue to reveal the frightening facts and uncover the hidden, no matter the cost.

  • Sawt Beirut International