| 2 February 2023, Thursday |

Alaa Abu Fakhr’s case brought to fore… What happened to file?

His person is gone, but his picture remains.
His wife is keen on documenting the crime.
A crime that took his life and shook the childhood of his children.
The time for the culprit’s trial is approaching.
Her hope for justice is lost.

In front of the military court Alaa’s friends met
Their demand is not to politicize the issue,
The case was adjourned in February.
The accused of murder was convicted in the indictment,

Charbel Ajeel, the escort of Colonel Nidal Daw al-Askari, killed Alaa Abu Fakher in the Choueifat district two years ago,
Ajil wanted to pass by force during the sit-in of the revolutionaries of the seventeenth of October,
The colonel returned to military service and his escort is waiting for the trial.

Here, Alaa Abu Fakhr was killed,
A crime that happened in front of his wife and other witnesses,
Witnesses, if they change their testimonies, will change the course of the case,
In a country where the justice of the earth did not spread, the victims of injustice had no choice but to wait for the justice of heaven.


  • Sawt Beirut International