| 9 February 2023, Thursday |

Alan Sarkis: Army Commander…First Candidate

Bkerke lives in peace and quiet after all the parliamentary elections’ chaos, and is preparing for the storm of the presidential elections that no one knows how it will blow.
The Maronite Patriarchate hopes that the fall of 2022 will be the spring of the awaited republic, as there is no longer any room for bargaining over the basics of the state, and this spring begins with the election of a new president.
Rahi identified the specifications that the next president should possess, the first of which is that he be sovereign with distinction, supports the state and rebuilds it, and does not involve Lebanon in the politics of axes, or make it dependent on any axis, and reconnects Lebanon with the Arab and Western world so that this country returns and plays its leading role, and it must constitute reform. Fighting corruption and saving the financial and economic situation should be a priority for the elected president.
For more information on this file, the journalist and political writer Alan Sarkis joined us.

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