| 9 February 2023, Thursday |

Alan Sarkis: Presidential vacuum forbidden

There is no doubt that the formation of a government after the elections is a basic international community demand, but this demand is circumstantial because the government will live for 4 months, and attention is focused on the presidency, with its meanings and implications about the nature of the country’s direction in the next six years.
Although there are names that are being delibrated for the presidency, still vacuum remains the most prominent candidate, and for several reasons, the most prominent of which is that no party has a two-thirds majority, and the lack of an internal understanding on the name of the future president, while external factors still do not facilitate the conduct of such an entitlement.
In the face of the internal situation’s complexities, the decision-making capitals and the active states have begun to study seriously ways to move to save the presidential elections, because they realize the inability of the Lebanese in achieving such an entitlement, which prompted the Elysee Palace to communicate with the Vatican regarding the presidential file, and the research focused on the necessity of continuing the work of Lebanese legitimate institutions, and not to get into a deadly void.
For more information, journalist and political writer Alan Sarkis joined us.