| 2 October 2022, Sunday |

Almost half of the Lebanese willing to participate in the Parliamentary elections – Survey

More than two years have passed since the worst economic and political crisis started, without finding so far any radical solution to revive the country again.

Until finding political and economic solutions that can rescue citizens from this crisis, how does citizens look to Parliamentary elections, and what are the solutions that must be followed?

The Lebanese Statistics Authority conducted a survey to answer these questions in January 2021. Looking at the political parties, it was found that 60% do not support any political party.

The survey also asked citizens whether they were enthusiastic about participating in the parliamentary elections or not. It turned out that 50% are ready to participate, 35% refusing to participate, and 15% have not made their decision yet.

But will the people who decided to participate in the elections vote for the same political class that was elected in 2018?

The results show that 53% of the Lebanese people voted for the same class, and 49% against it.

Regarding the solutions that can reduce the crisis, 48% of the citizens consider that putting an end to corruption may resolve the crisis, 24% considered that returning the illegal funds may be a solution, and 15% considered that solving the crisis is through reorganizing the state institutions.

On the political side, 39% considered that bringing a new and uncorrupt political class, comes first from the citizens’ vote. Around 28% of the citizens considered that resolving the crisis happens by holding ruling officials accountable, 12% considered that this is achieved through the independence of the judiciary, and 8% by disarming Hezbollah.

This is the citizens’ overview for the solutions that can be taken internally. As for the external aspect, 74% of the Lebanese considered that the problems with the Gulf countries should be resolved, 25% considered that Lebanon should be under international guardianship, and a very small percentage considered that the solution would be through independence.

So, this is the census until the end of 2021, and few months separate us from the parliamentary elections. This is the only entitlement through which we can change, so choose the right person to be able to survive.

  • Sawt Beirut International