| 31 January 2023, Tuesday |

American mediator Amos Hochstein arrives in Beirut

The American mediator Amos Hochstein arrives in Beirut. Unlike previous visits, when Lebanon was awaiting the proposals that the American mediator held in the matter of the maritime border demarcation file, this time the American mediator, according to sources, does not have any new proposals, but is waiting to hear from officials in Lebanon in response to a previous proposal submitted in 2007.

With the exception of the President of the Republic confirmed that Lebanon will inform the American delegate to the unified Lebanese position regarding the resumption of negotiations in a way that preserves the rights of Lebanon, no one can predict the results of Hochstein’s visit.

More evidence that the decision in the borders’ demarcation file case is still in the hands of Hezbollah’s Secretary-General and has surfaced from the Iranian agency, which reported of a French delegate landing in the neighborhood a few days ago and meeting party leaders.

The agency revealed that the issue was the Greek ship and its work in the disputed region between Lebanon and Israel, and the French delegate heard words that emphasized the party’s readiness to defend by all means to prevent Israel from achieving its oil goals. This information is associated with what diplomatic sources revealed about a short visit by Hochstein to Paris while he was on his way to Beirut.

  • Sawt Beirut International