| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

An elderly in Sabra camp narrates sightings of his displacement from Palestine

Ali Hamad Abu Jamous  from the village of Amqa, Akka district, told “ Sawt Beirut International” correspondent, Rabih Shantaf, his years back memories  of displacement from Palestine, and said, “When the Israeli forces moved from Akka, they entered Amqa under the protection of Israeli tanks, the resistance began to fire at the attackers, which prompted them to withdraw, to be surprised at six in the evening by the advance of the Israeli tanks and their intense bombardment of Amqa. the townspeople fled and this is what my family did, as we headed to southern Lebanon, I remember how they carried me on  shoulders until we reached Kafra, and there we laid under olive trees And figs, we used stones as pillows in order to sleep.”

Ali (80 years old) assured that in Sabariyah in Palestine he has a house and land equal to the size of the municipal stadium, while in Amqa he has a huge land, his father planted with cucumbers and  tomatoes