| 27 September 2022, Tuesday |

Anger day, but against who?

A new movement was led by the Land Transport sector and the General Labor Union in Lebanon since the early hours of the morning, as buses, vans, and small vehicles blocked a number of vital roads and highways for traffic, preventing citizens from moving and reaching their work.

We will be lying if we say that anyone in Lebanon is not angry from a worn-out authority that is fighting over chairs and positions, but the lie of the day of anger no one can believe.

This strike is similar to the movement of the authority against itself. It is nothing but the state’s exploitation of economic, social and financial problems, so they add it to the file of high fuel prices and put it as a starting point, using the street for conflicts and political competition.

Today is a day of anger, but against whom? A question we repeat while we are mired in a failed state and non-existent authority.

Is the cry of anger in the face of people? Is it possible for people from within the corrupt system to protest against themselves? What does this scenario hold? It is certain that the coming days will reveal the hidden.

  • Sawt Beirut International