| 9 December 2022, Friday |

Antoine Mourad: “Hezbollah” controls everything

Yesterday’s banner was the visit of Representative Elias Bou Saab to the current and “future” Speaker of Parliament, Nabih Berri, who decided to renew him in the parliamentary elections, despite the announcement by a number of blocs that they refused to elect him. This visit, after which Bousaab did not make any statement, came to raise questions about the position of the head of the “current”, MP Gebran Bassil, who had previously justified his alliance with the “Amal” movement in the elections, describing it as an electoral alliance.

On the other hand, with a further decline in the price of the dollar yesterday on the black market to a ceiling of 27,000 pounds and less, and with additional reductions in the prices of diesel and gas, the priorities of the Lebanese in the majority of them remained tight to this aspect, which means their lives, their livelihood and their daily concerns, amid anticipation of what will lead to the beginning. Next week there are additional developments on this track.

For a quick read about the most prominent political and economic details of this week, political writer Antoine Mourad joined us.

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