| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Any upcoming bread crisis after warnings about long queues at bakeries?

In light of the daily wonderful “breaking news” in Lebanon about the gas scarcity, the Syndicate of Bakery Owners raised concerns stating that it’s possible that the embarrassing lineups at gas stations will spread to bakeries.

Ali Ibrahim, the Head of the Union of Bakeries and Ovens Associations in Lebanon, confirmed to Sawt Beirut International’s reporter, Ghida Jbeily, that “the situation is on its approach to a solution. We want to reassure the citizens that their demands have been heard as diesel is loaded from Al-Zahrani power plant. The lines that form in front of gas stations are completely refused at bakeries, especially that diesel is available on the illicit market in considerable quantities. ”

The price has not been raised yet, but it should be noted that ingredients used in bread, such as sugar and yeast, do not belong to subsidized products’ list anymore. The price will continue to bounce between 250 and 750 LBP as long as the dollar price does not rise,” Ibrahim stated, “but lifting wheat subsidies is illegal, and I promised a general strike for all bakeries in the country.”

The Lebanese struggle to feed their families on a daily basis. According to a UNICEF assessment of families in Lebanon, 77% of households lack food or the financial means to purchase it, and 30% of Lebanese children sleep starving…


  • Sawt Beirut International